Labour Support for Palestine Shown

Seeing thousands of people march through London on May 11 in solidarity with Palestine was an inspiring sight to see, and from a Labour perspective it was great to see hundreds of Party activists join the demonstration, and its very visible Labour Bloc.

This impressive turnout of Labour activists shows a growing wave of solidarity in the Party. This bloc was called by the recently launched Labour & Palestine, and we were joined by a dozen CLP and other Labour banners, clearly illustrating the support there is growing in the Labour Party for the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation, self-determination, and return.

Support for the demonstration and the people of Palestine also came from Labour’s leadership and the Parliamentary party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put out a statement supporting the demonstration, and Labour MPs Diane Abbott, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Richard Burgon spoke at the rally outside Downing Street, and joined with the Labour and Palestine banner to show their support. A number of other MPs also made videos in the run-up to the demonstration urging people to attend.

Following the important policy agreed at Labour’s 2018 party conference, this important demonstration and over 2500 Labour members signing the launch statement of Labour & Palestine, the next period will be a vital one for further building support for the people of Palestine in Labour, and to ensure that Palestine is a key issue within Labour’s ethical foreign policy.

In addition to this, there will be a further chance to publicly show our support for Palestine at the Together Against Trump demonstration on 4th June in London. In the light of Trump’s aforementioned recent proposals, it is vitally important that there is a strong voice present speaking up for Palestine.

See you there!