Example motion

Labour & Palestine will develop model motions and campaign with CLPs working for the rights of the Palestinian people.

Get in touch here if you are interested in how you can bring our campaign to your CLP or just want more information on how to get involved.

It is important that action in solidarity with Palestine reflects shared principles, that discussions in CLPs are properly prepared for and retain a focus on the Palestinian people, their history, the current situation they face and rights.

If you would like to bring a motion to your CLP, to make sure your motion strengthens and compliments work being done across the Labour movement to be united and strong on our principles for the Palestinian people, please be in touch for guidance and support.

Example Motion – Justice for Palestine

This CLP notes

  • the unilateral action being taken jointly by the US Trump Administration and Israeli Government to undermine any prospects for peace in Palestine – including recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the withdrawal of funding to UNWRA, the continued growth of settlements and threatened annexation of large areas of the West Bank.

This CLP believes

  • Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ is not a peace plan; but a one-sided set of proposals designed to legitimise the status quo and impose an unjust outcome on Palestinians.
  • that Palestine needs a strong, progressive Labour voice on its side and that Labour’s ethical foreign policy must have securing freedom, justice and equality for the people of Palestine as a priority issue.
  • that any solution for the people of Palestine must be based on self-determination, equality and human rights for all – including those who are citizens of Israel and recognising the rights of Palestinian refugees.
  • that Labour’s policy on Palestine based on human rights and international law means applying these principles to UK trade with Israel. This should include applying international law fully to the settlements and any trade agreements with Israel and ensuring that no UK funds are supplied and no arms bought or sold that are used to violate the human rights of Palestinians.

This CLP resolves

  • that the Labour Party should oppose any solution not based on international law that is imposed on Palestine and reject any trade agreement with Israel that fails to recognise Palestinian human rights.