Solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah – Tony Burke speech at London protest

“Under the cover of darkness and the freezing cold the Israeli state violently attacked the home of the Sal-hee-yafamily.

• They beat the family,
• they arrested the family
• and they destroyed their home of over 60 years.

There cannot be any argument that this was not the actions of a violent apartheid state ethnically cleansing East Jerusalem.

15 people are now homeless, and join the thousands of Palestinians ethnically cleansed by Israel to make way for their illegal settlers.

The cruelty of this act…. the cowardice of it, shows the world just how barbaric Israel is – Yet the world stands by and watches. Our governments only urge caution to Israel, and by doing nothing the Israeli state is given a green light to continue their suppression, repression, ethnic cleansing and implementation of apartheid against the Palestinians,

And it is quite outrageous when we witness the mass destruction of Gaza at the hands of Israeli military, the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah, and this most recent cruel act against the Sal-hee-ya family, to suggest that this a war of two equal parties.

The resistance of the Palestinians is in no way comparable to the massive military might of Israel;

• It is Israel that has occupied Palestinian lands for the last 54 years.

• It is Israel that has moved nearly 700 000 illegal settlers into the West Bank.

• It is Israel that is been actively ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homes and lands.

• it is Israel that has inhumanely blockaded Gaza for the last 14 years.

• and it is Israel that has become a state guilty of building and implementing a system of apartheid against the Palestinians!!

Let us never forget thought that with international boycott actions we helped bring down apartheid in South Africa and ensured that Nelson Mandela became president.

We can do this again.

We must stand with people like the Sal-hee-ya family who are attacked and oppressed by states wherever it occurs in the world, in Colombia, in Turkey, in Western Sahara and in Palestine.

We must too fight against our governments supporting the regimes that inflict oppression, ethnic cleansing, violence and apartheid.

We must fight back against our own government’s plans designed to oppress our solidarity;

  • we must oppose the police and crime bill and
  • we must oppose the anti BDS law.

The Palestinians have been abysmally treated for decades and decades, that needs to change

We demand an end to the barbaric actions of the Israeli state.

For too long the international community has stood idly by as the Israeli state has been allowed to carry out its crimes and this cannot be tolerated or accepted any longer.

So I say this – even though it is difficult, and there are forces against us –

  • we can end Israeli apartheid!
  • solidarity with the Sal-hee-yafamily!

Solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah!

Free Palestine!”